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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Crash to desktop. Reopened the save & the potion flavours had changed.
I tend to get this one on almost every crash, as well as some save and quits. Also, (Haven't checked in most recent builds, but in September 4th as well as 4.0.4 it was happening) on loading a dead character's savefile and restarting the character, the flavours would often not have changed from the previous game.

EDIT: Another bug. Examining an unidentified item in your home reveals the name of the ego type of the item, for example, if I had a mace of Slay Troll in my home, but hadn't learned the rune of Slay Trolls, it would when examining it shaw as a mace of Slay Troll (??).
Cloning Nightwalkers for XP
Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Better to be down a point in INT than be suffering under 300HP at dl 70.
I should probably take note of this.

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