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Originally Posted by UglySquirrell View Post
Has the frequency of cloaks been reduced in the newer versions? I'm playing really slowly building up a no weapons character . I'm currently hanging out at levels 18-19 looking for a ring of damage. My turncounts around 500,000 turns and I've found a ros, bos, shield of elvenkind, and about, six artifacts. Since entering the dungeon I think I've seen a total of 2 cloaks. Am I just really unlucky? Im used to sorting through a stack of egos and at least 1 artifact cloak by level 20.
first of all the fact that you've find RoS and BoS by dlevel 20 indicates that there are some problems in item allocation. I've also noticed BoS dropping very early in many games, and I think that they should be confined to later. RoS should be rarer, although this is in line with other players findings of things like MB9 or PB9 in the first dungeon levels. In many ways, I think finding BoS early ruins the game...
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