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So I commented out the line "#define USE_WCN" in defines.h, though to get that to stick I had to first chmod myself the write permissions that for some reason weren't there. That allowed the program to compile. Then I had to decapitalize the stuff in data/text to get past those errors. I also modified a little and commented out the install rule that was no longer needed because of the directory structure changes. At that point I ran into a mysterious freeze on startup after the program displays the logo and checks the files but before allowing user interaction, and a gdb stack trace revealed that the freeze occurred at rng-related code.

So it looks like there are still some defines wrong or missing or maybe some code has been deleted, but I'm getting tired of this thing. I saw that other thread, and if Cthangband is going to get converted to C# I'm so not going to bother with the game.
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