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Originally Posted by taptap View Post
Remove momentum. Restore the glory of great axes and greatswords! I don't understand why people want to streamline everything else out of existence (moving Sil ever more to a single "best practice" build), but don't want to remove the ability that broke things in the first place.
Not sure this would really change that much. It would just shift the meta-game from light weapons like mithril longswords to bastard swords since they're strictly better than greatswords, and you can often utilize all your strength points with rapid attack. the problem is more "greatswords being strictly worse than bastard swords in most cases", the exception is basically having Saithnar or Calris but then you also have Anglachel and Anguirel which are better since Saithnar doesn't have free action any more and walking around with Calris makes me feel insecure.

On top of this, axes are IMO almost strictly worse than swords even if you are a Naugrim.

edit: also, there are a whole lot of good swords in the game. If I look at recent-ish morgues that got reasonably far in the game, I see a whole lot of Glamdring, Delmereth, Anglachel, Anguirel, etc., and not really a whole lot of generic ego weapons.

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