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I don't know, just because something is powerful doesn't mean it's bad and needs removal. At least Concentrate can bring up interesting combats if you are fighting more than one enemy at once. I'm still not really sure how good it is, since a lot of things can break it as of right now.

Flanking is way more OP than momentum or mpa-sil Concentrate, imo, but having things like Flanking, ZoC etc. make Sil combat fun and not like other roguelikes where one camps in a corridor.

With Momentum, I've never really felt compelled to take it before 950-1000'. It's rare for me to go over 4 Strength, and if I am in a fight where I really want to use a strength potion, often times it's a unique enemy like a balrog or something, which leads me to switch to a greatsword or bastard sword instead. I've only really been impressed with it when I have a deathblade and a damage ring or two. Maybe deathblades are more of a problem than momentum, since you can often find one in the (+2-4, 1d9) range, whereas shortswords are closer to (+0-1, 1d7).
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