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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
I think they're a much more visible manifestation of the clock to newer players, and in some ways I find the minimum depth clock less elegant, as it is right now. If the minimum depth clock had some more flavorful and compelling manifestation, then maybe.
Ever played Dungeon Crawl? The later Hell levels have a mechanic where the player was blasted at regular but random intervals with what amounted to the ancient foul curse with a smorgosbord of different nasty effects. Something like that, with a greater chance of happening (with nastier effects) as the pc approaches minimum depth? Could make for an interesting alternative to traps in creating tension (tm). Also, minimum depth could be made more apparent on the main hud.

This would, oddly, involve removing a lot of authentically Tolkien artifacts that simply should not be in Angband at the date we're playing (~ FA 469) - like Aeglos, Gil-galad's spear. I also don't see why Angband should be so littered with weapons specialised to killing orcs and spiders - these should be smithable by players, but only found as rare recoveries from human, elven and dwarven corpses. Weapons dropped by orcs and trolls and Easterlings should be weapons orcs and trolls and Easterlings might use, and most artifacts should be Morgoth-forged and carry serious drawbacks, apart from a few captured at times of Morgoth's strength (possibly many of these now remaning in dragon-hoards).
Well, to be fair stuff like Aeglos could still be present as it could conceivably have been smithed prior to Gil-Galad; and you would have to create quite the bit of fanon content to replace everything. The tolkien overload is a big part of the pull of these sort of games,just saying.

(I have toyed with overhauling generation to try and make something more like a real fortress, with kitchens and armories and barracks and dormitories, but this would be a pretty big undertaking).
And spider-infested caverns, haunted abandoned mineshafts, guarded easterling tombs, lava reservoirs, underground lakes..

It also would involve removing some uniques who shouldn't be in Angband at this date, like Ungoliant, as well as deathblades (and possibly the cats, who exist in an earlier version of the same canon - Tevildo becomes Thu becomes Sauron). Draugluin dies in the tale of Beren and Luthien, so is probably fair to keep. There is also quite a lot of canon support for varied and horrifying fell beasts of the Elder Days (e.g. Nazgul-steeds, the Watcher in the Water) which I think gives some room for interesting and horrifying additions to Angband's roster.
Ungolianth creeping around the Silmarils does a certain amount of sense though, maybe just add monster infighting instead :^). Fell Beasts not being included always struck me as an oversight. I was initially sceptical about the cats as well but they've grown on me with time. Wouldn't mind seeing more Book of Lost tales additions like the mecha tanks/dragons or heavily industrialized themes in angband. The fall of Gondolin in BoLT is a fucking goldmine in this regard; reads pretty much like a heavy metal album cover.

I started just wanting to do a rebalancing, and I'm not sure how many people would be put off by a turn in this direction; I'd be interested to hear any thoughts for or against.

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