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So I made a brief foray into adding a throwing slot tonight so throwing axes could improve their reason to exist, and would have introduced a new bug/exploit if I hadn't happened to have been accidentally testing with a stack of Daggers of Accompaniment and suddenly found myself able to dual-wield longswords.

I could go through all the places it iterates over slots and make sure they don't touch the throwing slot... but I'm not sure it's worth it or that throwing adds a lot. Even with a more streamlined UI I suspect it will always be archery's poor relation.

There's a small part of me that wants to try to keep three blunt weapons and three axes, just to balance out the look of the crafting tree, but quarterstaffs and sceptres are useless and throwing axes scarcely better. Maybe I'll scrap throwing weapons entirely instead, and have handaxes, maces and mauls - though there don't seem enough reasonable dice pools to be quite satisfying there unless blunt weapons get some additional gimmick.

Originally Posted by Infinitum
Well, to be fair stuff like Aeglos could still be present as it could conceivably have been smithed prior to Gil-Galad; and you would have to create quite the bit of fanon content to replace everything. The tolkien overload is a big part of the pull of these sort of games,just saying.
To be fair, many of the more totemic weapons could be in Angband at this point, also. Ringil, Anguirel, Glamdring, Orcrist are all plausibly there, Angrist fits thematically. We do however have a lot of fanon content that could be a little more Morgoth-themed.

Originally Posted by Infinitum
And spider-infested caverns, haunted abandoned mineshafts, guarded easterling tombs, lava reservoirs, underground lakes..
Ooh, and then I could implement water flow and tunneling and flooding and... something something Dwarf Fortress?

I'll try to bite back on the urges until I have a maturer release with an acceptably balanced skill tree. Making the great artifacts rarer is tempting though, particularly when they feed into an already dominant play style.
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