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Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post
What about an ablity to have the player save versus death? A simple Will check versus dc(negativehp), if passed the player lives on (with negative hp; meaning consecutive checks get harder unless they heal inbetween). Assuming an endgame will of ~15 including Grace this should hopefully not be too broken compared to extra constitution.
I like this. Will maybe need a little bit of balancing, but something that kicks in and saves you from a deathblow would feel epic enough to be higher on the skill tree.

I'm a little tempted to have it block the deathblow itself, because that way the skill is useful even if you don't have healing potions, possibly at the cost of draining some Will points. Or alternatively, you could be mortally wounded and be unable to heal when below 0, but only die when you reach negative HP equal to your will? There are possibilities here. I like it.
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