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hey, i'm a little late to the party but here are some thoughts, in no particular order:

one should be able to kill morgoth, it should just be very difficult. a rework of slaying/sharpness will probably do the job.

for smithing getting rid of artistry is the way to go. it also opens up more chances for incremental upgrades. more guaranteed forges also helps.

quarterstaves still seem a bit weak. for comparison a defender bastard sword in both hands is (-2,3d5)[+2] vs (+0,2d4)[+2] and about the same weight. defender quarterstaves might be nice. maybe some quarterstaff ability e.g. half of your dex is added as str. of vaulting gives them good utility. they are also in weird middle ground between wanting to be light for riposte, and heavy for knockback and smashing blow.

i like feint from a balance stand point, dislike it from a flavour stand point.

flavour-wise, i think smashing blow should be limited to blunt weapons and/or capped by str.

cruel blow and crippling shot likely won't need a rework if slaying gets a rework

also it is worth noting that i have yet to beat sil, but i have made it to the throneroom.

edit: also it doesn't make sense flavour-wise that one can pierce an enemy without killing it.

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