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Originally Posted by Bucephalus View Post
(Quirk) - It's called "Immortal Courage" - I dislike the name somewhat and if anyone has a better name I'll use it.

(Infinitum) Implacable? Defiance? Relentlessness? Resolve?

"Defiance", IMO. Defiance of death, Morgoth, his attendant minions, the futility of your mission, &c.

Infinitum, you beat me to it. I second.
Defiance it is.

Pulled in mpa-sil screen centering, removed deathblades, added a couple of new uniques (orcs slain in the Fall of Gondolin), swapped Careful Shot for a new skill - Rout - gain +5 Dex when aiming at a fleeing enemy, boosted Song of Este a little as a temporary fix.

Still want to rework Smashing Blow but we're headed into a new release.

And released.

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