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Not having looked extensively at the Z codebase in awhile, I'm still inclined to believe that you'll have better luck "re-implementing" Zangband in Vanilla than the reverse, for the following reasons:

* Vanilla has had more consistent development effort over the years. Most Zangband development halted well over 11 years ago.
* Vanilla's maintainers have made a substantial effort to make the codebase clean and easier to make into a variant, which ought to reduce variant re-implementation costs.
* Conversely, copying Vanilla features over to Zangband's current codebase would be a substantial effort, as some features would require major structural reworks.
* Perhaps most important for the long haul, re-branching Zangband off of modern Vanilla will make it easier to incorporate new features as they get added to Vanilla.

You're looking at a substantial effort either way, though. Re-implementing a variant, especially one with as much history as Zangband, is no joke.
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