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One clarification: I have a (+0, 1d7) 1.0 lb shortsword as well, so the crits occur on multiples of 4, not 4.5.

Let's compare it to vanilla Sil with the same shortsword, but with Momentum, so you'd do (+0, 1d9), with criticals every 5 points vs (+0, 1d8) with criticals every 4 points in Sil-Q.

I look at it like this. If, on average, you roll "X" on the combat roll (difference with the monster roll is included in this calculation), the average number of criticals you get is "X/4" in Sil-Q vs "X/5" in Sil. The difference is X/4 - X/5 = X/20. This is an (X/20) / (X/5) or 25% increase over original Sil. This is a HUGE boost.

In contrast, Momentum only increases damage by 1/8, which is only half as much.

I suppose damage rings no longer exist in Sil-Q, which also make a difference. Still, it's not easy to find a damage ring until very deep into the game.

Of course, looking at averages is not the whole story, but they give a rough idea.
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