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Originally Posted by Quirk View Post
Yeah, Thresholds triggers when you're standing in a doorway i.e. on top of a '. Not sure what the clearest text to get that across is.

It is a bit difficult getting the high-end songs to do enough to compete with combat/stealth, and most people don't take them. I've actually been debating buffing them a bit further in the hope people can be tempted. It's a lot of XP to invest in finding out how strong the song is so maybe it needs to be a little unbalanced-good to ensure people actually give it a try. With +3 Str and Dex I think you maybe need some way to benefit from the Str to really rock Valour.

Glad that Indomitable is pulling its weight though; it would be good to have Hardiness less dominant a pick in the Will tree.
Maybe it could say 'While standing in a doorway".

Also, the reason I suggested the +Gra items isn't that you have to use them (I would use a Feanorian lamp of grace), but that it's less item juggling. Like, let's say you could make a +3 crown of grace and a +1 feanorian lamp. That makes up for a +3 warhammer of smithing or gloves of the forge, with less inventory slots. In smithing games you still make the grace items as part of your kit, you just never use them, and there are like 5 different slots (light, crown, gloves, hammer, amulet) and maybe more if you have Maeglin. Without hammers and gloves you could consolidate this down to 3 slots. You could still leave things like Maeglin's armor, gauntlets of Gamil Zirak etc. in the game as "neat" finds. fwiw I found just dropping one slot (no more loremaster crown due to having alchemy) was a HUGE decrease in hassle. I still have yet to try a song-smith though so I couldn't comment on how good they are... it feels like the sort of character that might be a win-more type in vanilla Sil but is potentially too powerful in this fork, since part of the goal was to make Morgoth much harder.

Also, I was never really that wow'ed by hardiness. I actually only ever took it to get Poison Resistance...

With the high level songs, one of the problems with things like str boosts is that you can't do as much with strength in this fork due to no Momentum, and Rapid Attack is also kind of bad outside the throne room (imo) unless you are using a shortsword (but I feel greatswords actually benefit the most from it). Thresholds works well here because it is a boost to melee/evasion, perhaps you could have Valor boost damage sides instead.
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