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So I've done a bit of playing around as of the other night.

First off I made a character somewhat close to bron's second winner right down to the big bow and Poison (+3) arrows and took him in against Morgoth, who got torn apart pretty quickly.

I dropped Rapid Fire and Precision and tried again; Morgoth lasted maybe twice as long but this was still quite short.

I removed half evasion, and this made a very substantial difference. It was no longer easy to wear Morgoth down beyond halfway.

I cranked Dedication up to 2 damage sides for not having a weapon and wearing a shield, but this didn't make much difference.

Testing against orcs near the surface showed some benefits from having early access to a couple more damage sides, but a few more arrows were missing than before. If I went with removing half evasion, I would probably need to rebalance other skills such as Crippling Shot as the number of criticals would rapidly diminish.

I am a fan so far of Deadly Hail; while less useful against uniques, it provides a tool for crowd control that makes the player consider their positioning carefully, which feels very Sil-like to me.

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