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Originally Posted by Angriath View Post
Just dumped my latest and most successful playthrough thus far, it was originally a melee character but I changed to archery when I found some gear that boosted it and I enjoyed trying it out. Archery was really effective until I got to about 700 feet, after that there were lots of shadow enemies I had to deal with that I was spamming arrows at but couldn't really hit or do enough damage to, the serpents posed quite a problem too so I guess I should have taken up dedication and put some more points into archery rather than branching out as much as I did. I took the songs just to experiment on what they did because I figured they would compliment archery but I couldn't find much use for the ones I had.
Serpents have a lot of armour but not many hps. With a bow it's either filling it with arrows till you get lucky or having the accuracy to crit hard in the 1st place. One thing you can consider is rakuo-bane is less necessary when you're an archer & serpent-bane is a godsend for getting through an ancient serpents armour. You went heavy armour? There I normally hit them if they come close & tank it till they wander back & I can shoot. So I'd prefer a shield (you're going to have a harder time getting weight for heavy armour use without anyway). Anyway just putting a couple of other options out there.

& whispering shadows are just horrible if you have bad stealth.
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