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Originally Posted by MITZE View Post
How do Challenge and the Wrath curse compare to each other in terms of provoking the enemy? I'd take it that Challenge is more effective with high Song, but how does Wrath work?

EDIT: And how does it work if both are in effect at the same time?
Song of Challenge boosts enemy morale by a random factor which will be at most up to +3 per turn (though this may still be balanced out by other factors such as seeing their friends getting murdered). When morale is 5 or better, the enemy can switch from Confident to Aggressive.

Wrath removes Confident entirely, and makes monsters either Aggressive or Fleeing.

Song of Challenge stops ranged attackers from using ranged attacks and gets them to engage with you. It is also more effective at getting fleeing opponents to turn round and fight. Wrath is more effective if you just want to get your foe to Aggressive status. If you use both, your enemies will always be Aggressive, they won't use many ranged attacks and they're more likely to turn round and fight instead of fleeing.

Both of them make you more noticeable. Song of Challenge is noisy, Wrath increases monster perception.
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