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Don't like those two tbh. Armor Dice reduction is just a flat damage increase by another name unless you scale it off the # of enemy protection dice but at that point reducing sides is a cleaner solution imo.

Famously Sharp sounds like a lot fof added layers of complexity for something which isn't really needed in the game at the moment? It would also get back to the current hammer problem of people forging one supersharp weapon for use against statues and use whatever against everything else, no matter what penalties you give them otherwise. Also, Angrist is describad as if not sharp then.. hard? It's notwehorty enough for a unique effect imo.

Originally Posted by Silmarillion, Of Beren and Luthien
Then Lúthien rising forbade the slaying of Curufin; but Beren despoiled him of his gear and weapons, and took his knife, sheathless by his side; iron it would cleave as if it were green wood.
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