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So I guess I'll explain my logic behind the idea. A "mage"-style build with multiple small utility songs has always been considered too expensive to be worth it, if the aim is to make multiple songs more affordable proficiency lines up with the current Sil mechanics. Any song later then trees is a large investment: Delving = 2.6k(6 + song), Staying = 3.1k(7 + song). Very few people are going to try this without using an earlier song as a stepping stone. How much is 2.6k? that's still +1 melee & evasion by the time you have 13 pts in melee & evasion, e.g. further then a lot of people reach in the 1st place. So I had the vague idea that challenge & elbereth could be the base of the song tree in the same way that power/finesse are the base of the melee tree (& trees, silence/lorien remain as alternative paths), but that needs the price of multiple songs to drop, as people often aren't taking songs now, so why would they take them if they had to invest even more?

As for sword proficiency going, that was mostly because 3 proficiencies seemed overboard & it occurs to me I don't like sword proficiency on an elf. Half has always expressed a preference for swords being king. I respect that, I just don't think the proficiency is necessary to achieve that. I think swords are king anyway (up until late game where it's a bit of preference). I often preference a sword on a dwarf despite dwarves having axe proficiency, the extra accuracy, the extra evasion, they are just more reliable. I also suspect it's a touch confusing, players forget that +1 is even there (I certainly do most of the time).

However I don't want to be pushing an idea just because it sounds good to me. After all it was my idea so I have a bias. Ultimately it's up to Quirk, but it would be nice to hear from anyone playing, rather then a change being added that players do not like or doesn't achieve it's actual aim.

Edit: I guess another way at looking at the question is - what would it take for a player to try a singer? To try taking multiple songs? to invest in more then the minimum to grab a favoured song?

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