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Yay, another Tolkienesque variant! So cool! So meticulously researched! Even regardless of the new gameplay, the content itself is priceless (and, presumably, falls under the Angband permission to use the Tolkien's legendarium in a game).

BTW, what is the license? I couldn't find in anywhere in the source. And could you make your source version control repository publicly available? Alternatively, would you mind somebody putting it on github to make it easier to contribute and ease your maintenance burden a bit. Github would make it easier to submit bug reports, pull requests (patches), make forks (if you don't mind), refer to individual source and content files by their URL, etc.. BTW, I couldn't find the content files in the source archive, but there included in the Windows archive (I'm on Linux, myself).

Thank you again and have lots of fun maintaining the game!
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