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Originally Posted by will_asher View Post
I took the tutorial (smithing was the only thing in the tutorial which wasn't in the manual). One more question- Is pseudo-ID always instant? So if there's no pseudo when you pick up an item, you know there's nothing special about it?
Yes, that is right. Items in Sil can be 'fine' (get a +1 bonus to the number of sides or the accuracy/evasion) and/or 'special' (like the excellent items in Angband). The latter get marked {special}, as do artefacts (though there is an Ability that lets you tell the difference). All numerical combat bonuses are immediately visible. The only weapons/armour you need to identify are the {special} ones. Moreover, Sil treats each special item type like it treats potion or staff types, so if you identify a Longsword of Hador's House, you immediately know all weapons of Hador's House.

EDIT: Now we need yet another variant ladder so I can post my dump.
A great idea. I'll ask pav.
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