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Originally Posted by Storch View Post
One question: the combat rolls windows seem unnecesarilly big to contain just two rows. Perharps in some situations there could be more rows? If not, I suggest to make it just two or three rows to better fit multiple windows on the screen. Resize doesn't help, because of the empty space between those two rows.
This is an interesting point.

As you know, the top part of the window shows your attacks and the bottom part shows the enemies' attacks. It is easy to bring on multiples of the latter. For example, if you are surrounded by wolves, you could suffer 16 attacks in one round. You can also end up with multiple player attacks, though it is much less common than in Angband (this was done partly to avoid message spam). There are 5 to 10 special abilities that let you have extra attacks in certain circumstances, and sometimes you can have a lot of attacks. For example, try experimenting with herbs of rage when you are facing multiple enemies.

All that said, I might be able to make the window automatically resize or something. Actually, just having your attacks, then a single empty row, then the enemy attacks is probably the best solution.
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