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Oh, I did finally get around to playing Sil today, despite having downloaded it the day this thread started... :P

Very nice game!

I keep getting confused by the controls - I'd use the "angband-style" mode, but then I can't use smithing, because it uses the same key as "repeat" But apart from that, I like it!

The skill system is unique - I thought I had to "spend" skill points to get abilities, but it turns out it's just a threshold (with 6 skill points in Melee, I can get as many 6-point abilities as I want in Melee!); what really gets "spent" is experience!

And speaking of experience, I like the fact that you can get XP just from encountering enemies - you get more for killing them, of course, but it's a nice touch!

Haven't figured out what the statuses and numbers next to the enemy HP bar are for, though - sometimes I see "confident (8)", other times I see "fleeing (-10)", and others I see "mindless" - what do these mean? Is this some sort of morale system for the enemies? What effects does it have?
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