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Originally Posted by krazyhades View Post
I wish I had a better handle on how fear works. As far as I've seen yet, the only help section that addresses it is the bit about charisma as part of character creation. Also, I wish that when the player tries to do something while too afraid, they get a chance to do something else (like move) instead of just eating turns for nothing. By our powers combined, I am captain feelarbitrarilypunished.
If you want spoilers, you can look here though the details have probably changed a bit since that was written. Scroll down a bit past the first part to the section "Player Fear". I'll try to write something up for the help system, time permitting.

Losing turns is by design, though some actions are easier to do while frightened then others. You can always quaff a potion or read a scroll, so healing, boldness or teleport are good options when frightened. (I think being able to read while frightened is a bit generous, though).

(In general, I don't like spoilers and won't be doing any for Poscheng. If players feel they need them, there is probably something wrong with the game and I'd rather address the underlying issues instead.)
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