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Originally Posted by krazyhades View Post
I wish I had a better handle on how fear works. As far as I've seen yet, the only help section that addresses it is the bit about charisma as part of character creation. Also, I wish that when the player tries to do something while too afraid, they get a chance to do something else (like move) instead of just eating turns for nothing. By our powers combined, I am captain feelarbitrarilypunished.

Haven't tried the dragons really yet. I think I'm going to try a summoner type next, either necromancer, beastmaster, or high mage[trump].
I can't speak for High mage but Beastmaster is lots of fun and now that iv'e changed my macro setup for Necromancer thanks to Chris, im really enjoying that class as well.

If you want to play as a summoner though, i'd say go all out and play a Quylthulg. I just tried one out and they are really fun, and have a very unique feeling to them. You can raise an army to fight for you right at level 1.
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