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Randarts, again

A quick post to try and get a bit further on randart design.

Currently there is an object power algorithm; every object gets a power. It is used to get shop prices, and to value randarts. Randart generation (except for lights and jewellery) works by taking a standard artifact, working out its power, then trying to construct a completely new artifact with the same power by adding properties (chosen so as to try and mimic the spread of abilities on the standard artifacts).

  • Should we decouple power for prices and power for randarts?
  • Should weapons and armour be treated differently in the power calculation?
  • Should attacking power (dice, to-dam, slays, etc) and defensive power (resists, ac etc) be treated separately?
  • Are there any other obvious fundamental changes to be made?

It should be emphasised that all these calculations have a lot of "constants" (ie fudge factors) in them to make the numbers accord with what feels right; this question is more on the deeper structure of how the whole thing works than on tweaking the numbers.
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