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1. Decoupling: I think shop prices are almost irrelevant compared to artifact powers; I would work on the latter, assign shop prices as a function of the resulting power values and only decouple if somehow prices behave in a way you really cant live with.

2-3. My approach would be to not make value dependant on slot. We have a structure in modifiers, for example, armor can easily get resists, gloves combat boni and boots speed. To keep this structure intact, assign probabilities differently; for example, armor, gloves and boots could pick up their favoured mods with 80% probability and unfavoured ones with 10% (tweak values to taste).

What would you gain by assigning slot dependant values ?

You would better preserve the value of the single artifact. For example, Ringil is valuable because it has a speed modifier in a non-speed slot (weapon); it can easily turn into junk if that speed modifier gets morphed into an equivalent amount of stats and resists, but not if you take slots into account. Likewise, Azaghal can become great if its fire immunity is turned into speed. So Ringils value number would be higher in a system that takes slots into consideration, while Azaghal would be lower.
As a whole, the sets would look the same though, so I dont see why this would be desirable since taking slots into consideration makes the system less resistant to game changes.

As for other fundamental changes, make AC valuable and uncap stats (:
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