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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
Also in my last game i found two items which were apparently both based on BT, as they offered an endless list of resists, but due to the low AC they were relatively low in power level and easily found.
Maybe randart generation should try to roughly match the "level" of the base object used for the original artefact, or at least split off top-level base items into their own group? e.g. Since Bladeturner is based on Power DSM, an artefact derived from it should grab from the pool of Great Weapons and higher DSMs, rather than sticking a Bladeturner-equivalent host of properties on some leather armour.

Alternatively, I guess there's the approach of ignoring the base object completely: e.g., when you're evaluating Bladeturner's power level as an artefact, strip out all the properties that are already inherent to ordinary PDSM and only assess the value of the extra properties it has; then when you pick a new base object and try to raise it up to equivalent power, ignore any inherent properties that item brings to the table as well. (Which I guess is an approach that would require the decoupling from the pricing algorithm Nick suggests.)
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