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Originally Posted by Estie View Post
I think it can move in water (and appears on a water level).
It has NEVER_MOVE, so unless the game has some weird hack to say "NEVER_MOVE means it can move normally if it's in water" I don't think it's mobile.

For comparison, Gorlim is a Vanilla unique with Mana Bolt, Water Bolt, and Cause Critical Wounds spells, roughly comparable to the Watcher's spell list. The Watcher has a couple of nasty breath weapons, but also some duds that you won't mind it casting, while all of Gorlim's spells are pretty bad. He's level 41, also fast, and has a spell_freq of 2 instead of 5 (casts spells 2.5x as often as the Watcher does). On the other hand, since he is mobile, you can lure him around a corner and start beating up on him in melee; with the Watcher you'd need to get a layout where you can safely dig to it, or have good ranged damage capability. The Watcher also has nearly 2x as much HP as Gorlim does.

Gorlim is of course pretty famous for killing characters. I'd say the Watcher looks plenty nasty.
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