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Yeah what the shit with the whispering shadows?!? Twice now about 400-600 feet looking good then 20 points down in a round and dead and didn't even see them (or the three of them...)

And yeah, I've added a factor of 10 to my Sil playtime, and still not getting it, with this character at least. Having fun, don't get me wrong, unexpected death is the best! Close-to-Vanilla variants can be boring. Monster movement in Sil is amazing, it's like everything is a hound that will appear out of nowhere right behind you when you're already facing off against a room-full ahead. Makes a lot less controllable. And no escapes.

So, after many attempts all ending in the 400-700 ft region, I have some idea what build I'm trying for, let me know if I'm wrong. And no, I'm not going for the highest score/fastest win, just having a good go at a Silmaril would be great.

Smithing - 2 for weapons only, though it seems like 4 for jewelry might be good, or that nothing and save the xp might be better, not sure

Archery - 7 for Flame Arrows is a huge damage boost in mid-levels. Heck will all that Dex this character might make an archer all the way! Or at least get Precision and/or Crippling shot? Or again, nothing, save the xp?

Perception - 7 for Greater Lore, because I know nothing about this Sil, but actually, it may not be a bad idea even if I were a Sil veteran, just so nice to have everything identified.

XP is definitely limited, right? Only so many monsters and diminishing returns for encountering/killing. So I have to be economical with skill and ability investments, hrmmm...

All the dark stuff, is this another reason to take Smithing to forge lamps? I've taken Inner Light, but it doesn't help that much by itself. And Rauko seriously piss me off. Rauko Bane? !True Sight are few and far between, Keen Senses helps a little, SI didn't seem to do much.

Most fun I've had so far was finding a 1d8 short sword of Galadriel, +3 evasion and riposte, I got parry and finesse and with 2 strength and a 2 lb weapon was double and triple critting twice a turn for 50 damage a couple times, and hardly ever getting touched. Then the whispering shadows got me, dammit. The corridor of them was easy, it was when I stepped up to the edge of the room and 3 hit me at once. Not that I could see them until the death screen showed me the room ahead, full of them. Now I know, not worth it. Like Hounds of Tindalos. You think you're good... then you're most definitely not good, fast.

What about a blindfighting ability?!? Some way at least to not halve the evasion AND cut through armor.

I'm also tempted to build towards whirlwind+crowd fighting, opportunist, controlled retreat, flanking, follow through, riposte, etc. The extra attacks, with Song of Slaying, could produce some incredible bonuses, I'd guess.

Rest of the build:
20 Melee
20 Evasion
7 Stealth for Opportunist
12 Song for Sharpness for the Silmaril (Sond of Weaving, too?)
12 Will for 1d2 Hardiness and Constitution
Rapid Attack and Momentum towards Morgoth and the climb out

Feels solid but I'm guessing in Sil a lot comes down to luck.
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