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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
From a practical point of view, i think monsters should summon others "1 tier" below them; to avoid a monster summoning a summoner who summons summoners.

The ringwraits should be able to summon each other and do so frequently as they travel in pack by canon.

Ancalong should summon a bunch of dragons, Glaurung should summon a horde.

Ungoliant should summon tons of strong new spirit, spider-like mobs; shelob is a loner.

The Radagast summons are pathetic. I still think Radagast should not be an enemy, it's like having to fight Galadriel; i also assume Ulmo and Arien are likely enemies of Morgoth in the canon.

Cantoras is pretty solid with the summons.

Horned Reapers are too strong. It takes long enough to kill one that they often summon another and i've had levels inundated by reapers like it's breeders.

Balrogs by canon should summin each other, but in game, they should summon smaller demons, or *rarely* other balrogs.

Lungorthin should summon balrogs regularly and Gothmog should summin a horde, like Glaurung - he is the CAPTAIN of the balrogs, as glaurung is the father of all dragons.

I would like to see a system where summons are similar to escorts, but some uniques right now are only killable if you are OP, if you abuse LoS, or have Banish.
I assume Radagast is an 'enemy' because you can play kobolds, half-orcs and half-trolls. I mean you have to fight Farmer Maggot, even though if I remember right, he was stolen from; he still helped Frodo's company in part of the books?
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