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Early game is tough, no doubt about it.

Necromancer gets better and better night vision as the game progresses. All you can do at the beginning is to pick a race that has some infravision. That helps a little. Early +Light-artifacts are gonna make you curse, especially if you play with randarts.

Some evil monsters are true pain for a necromancer. Early minor demons and orc packs take a long time to kill. Large Kobolds also, those take more than a dozen Nether Bolts to kill. Use archery if it is humanly possible. For melee, the best way is to get as heavy early weapon as possible, because you're gonna have just one attack anyway. Resort to wands. You need all the tricks to get past the early game.

Nether Bolt gets pretty damaging once you level up, but it remains a single target spell. Noxious Fumes does a good damage but keep Potions of Neutralize Poisons around, since just a few casts poison yourself for a long time. Getting closer to midgame, Disenchant will become your biggest killer spell and Warg Form will be giving you +2 attacks, which significantly beefs you up.
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