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Homoculi show up to read minds. Worth noting where they are and walking away from so they don't wake up. Curing staves are worth keeping for poison. If you can get the hps/AC to risk being next to bruisers then the combination of skeletons and trolls in a room gives you infinite hps+SPs with the right spells. Most p are suseptible to poison and have low-ish hps.
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angband tips & tricks
Lol, honestly I was a bit bitter 'cause I got a cave floor, and between me and the downstairs was a sabertooth tiger. Fighting it was an exercise in mind-numbing frustration because I got, at most, one round at range to blast it due to it's speed and me having no sight range to save my life. Phase door wasn't landing me near the stairs either, though, so I finally managed to nether bolt the tiger into oblivion after 20+ phase door scrolls, and the homunculi snuck up and para-locked me. I was salty about that last night. :P

I'm sure a necromancer build pays for itself later on, but the initial run is an utter slog. I was doing my best to maintain a wand offense (I realized that was a necessity quite quickly), but the levels just weren't giving me what I needed. Just a tough run with an initially underwhelming class.
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