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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
A few things to keep in mind is seeing is often better then good fail rates, only the square you are standing on needs to be dark & light wands don't light up the square you are on.

Last time I played one I was selectively lighting/darkening the area. Which was a pain, but better then not being able to see.
That's actually a good idea, but a terrible play style. :P Use wands of light/dark as on/off switches?

There is the argument that you can just blind-fire down hallways (which I did a lot of), but my specific death came in a cave floor. Most characters greatly detest caves, but they're death traps for an early necro who can't see, can't risk lighting things up, can't control monster pathing, can't rely on phase door taking them somewhere safe, and just have piddly damage thanks to a broad range of nether resist. I'll have to see if stacking some infra gear early on helps an early, helpless necro.

Also, as an aside, it'd be nice if monster memory listed partial resists.
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