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The main trick is: Dont sweat it! Good items will become obvious soon enough. if you find an object that you are never going to use, don't worry about ID. If you have space in your pack, you can take it to a store for the purpose. Neatly all genuinely useful items are mostly obvious from (almost) the moment you put them on, with the following exceptions:
* ring/gloves/shoes of FA
* Armor of resistance, unless you know at least one resistance in advance.
* ring of rPois
* amulet of rElec/rAcid or ring of rFire+rCold
* boots of Stability

Edit: To id something by use, you have to be using it. Otherwise just leave it or sell it.

Plate armor of resistance is good, but it isn't great. And full plate is heavier than a starting character really wants.You'll find some in the dungeon eventually , usually near DL 20. You don't really need it till significantly later, when adult dragkns start showing up

Cloak of protection is obvious.

The big deal early on is a branded weapon. They are in the almost immediate group. Use a {??} weapon against a weak monster. If it doesn't ID immediately, don't sweat it: basic slay weapons are near useless unless they also do good the best damage against everything else.

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