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Regarding curses:

* curses are properties of armor and weapon, exactly like resistances and stat bonuses.
* they have a negative effect on you that is active while you are wearing the cursed item (e.g. "it paralyses you every now and then"; "it summons a monster every now and then", "it makes you vulnerable to electricity", "it prevents you from teleporting").
* a curse is identified automatically when the effect first applied and is noticed by the player (and the weapon is marked as {cursed}. There may be multiple curses on the same item, each with its own rune.
* Each curse has a power. "Remove curse" can remove a curse with power up to 50 (and has a probability to fail; I think the formula for failure is power > 1d50); the more rare *Remove curse* can remove curses with power up to 100.
* you can freely wear and remove cursed items (this used to be different in much older versions, but now the curse system has been reworked). When you remove the item, the effect of the curse stops.
* As you get to know the items in the game better, you will often be able to guess which properties an object has, and in particular guess which runes must be curses (because all other properties of the object are known). This helps you in knowing which items you can safely sell to shops to identify them and which ones it is better to wear.
* Curses are pretty straightforward in general; "it prevents you from teleporting" is probably the most tricky one to figure out; it can kill you if it happens at a bad time.
* In any case, taking risks and id'ing items by use most of the times is considered the best strategy.
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