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It's funny but if you play long enough you start to be able to fairly accurately guess what an unID'd item is just based on depth and how it stacks.

I never bother carting items to the shops for ID, too lazy.

In the early game only quaff potions at safe moments and when you have enough CLW to save you if it's poison. Also beware of potions of sleep which effectively paralyse you for so long that even a rat will eat you before you can wake up.

Never shoot a mystery wand at a unique, haste monster and heal monster can be devastating on Lagduf or any early o or k unique (or a tiger!)

Probably the most annoying mystery potions are the stat buff/nerf potions which have an annoying habit of always nerfing the stat you want.

The more I write the more I think I should just sell in the shops.

You can also play with a birth option "know all flavours at birth" - it's less fun in the long run and removes some of the storytelling.
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