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Are you just swinging, or are you using your spells like Leap into Battle? By CL 29 you should be getting two swings with Leap into Battle (if you're playing 4.2.1), or Whirlwind Attack (if you're playing 4.2.2). Not only will that let you do more damage most of the time (though perhaps not a *ton* more statistically when accounting for fail rates), but casting also heals you some. I find that spamming Leap into Battle/Whirlwind (depending on version) once I get down to 5% fail rate is a great way to keep my Health up *just enough* that I don't need many healing potions.

Though this probably depends on what race you're using. I tend to play Dunadan and High Elf, and both of them can get down to 5% very quickly. A Half-Troll probably takes longer...

Rings of Open Wound are also very nice for giving you some renewable healing without drawback, since you already have impaired regeneration.
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