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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
yes I was using whirlwind a lot. I had 8% fail with Dunadan. But 2 blows isn't much at dl 40, even with a good weapon. A mediocre ring of damage would make a good light weapon do better, not to mention archery that actually hits its targets.
When do you get Werewolf Form, CL 30? So you're just on the cusp of it right? It's true that those levels just before werewolf form are *rough*. Honestly I find just-before-but-not-quite-werewolf-form to be the hardest stage of the game for the Blackguard.

I often have to retrace a few floors in the 30's or 40's until I get it (and some stat gain potions to get my blow count up).

I find the powercurve tends to take off once I get werewolf form though.
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