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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
I find berserk counter productive (the AC drop) unless you need to remove fear. It's low SP so restores little hps. I like to have pretty decent AC if I'm going to get amonst a group of melee foes and whirlwind.
Really? I find the damage and healing just arent going to be high enough to make up for all the enemies attacking you at once. Early on, I generally rely on Whirlwind Attack for the healing-while-attacking, and eventually for the extra blow, but still fight things in corridors.

At least the way I play, Whirlwind Attack is an awkward space. When its my bread and butter, Im not strong enough to take advantage of its AOE effect. By the time I am, I usually have Werewolf Form, at which point Im a Werewolf for pretty much every fight, shifting back only when I need to heal, refresh Relentless Taunt, or want to stun someone.
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