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PosChengBand - Ninjas

Way back in Heng, Ninja's seemed very powerful potentially, I just kept killing them off stupidly.

Now in PCB I am loving the almost OP start, even if it is a bit of a finicky playstyle. Hit - move to Hide- Hit - Move...

Some things I noticed;

-On the Ladder, all but one of the high-end Ninjas were wielding lamps/lights. Is Hiding no longer practical at deeper levels? (Mobs see through it or something?)

-Poison Needle, I had always thought in Heng it sounded too limited for general use and was just inventory clutter. Considering that none of the Ladder carries one, and several look like they never even went to get it. Just a pointless toy?

-Sabers, Katanas, Scimitars, make me uncomfortable with my weapon and impose what seems like a -35 To-Hit. What makes a weapon good/bad for a Ninja? It can't be just weight.

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