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Originally Posted by GenericPseudonym View Post
The weapon types you can use are defined on an individual basis, bsically. You can look at s_info.txt in the edit files to see which ones work for yourself: any weapon for which Ninjas have a skill cap of 'beginner' or 'unskilled' gives them penalties.
This isn't really very transparent, since you need to compare to the actual weapon list. I went through this once and hope I didn't miss anything, so for everyone's convenience here's the list of ninja-compatible weapons. The * ones can be mastered, the rest skilled.

Also worth noting that Wakizashi (just as main gauche) gives a dual wield bonus when main hand is a sword and they're the off-hand. So wield them in the right slot (this goes for anyone, not just ninjas)

main gauche
small sword
poison needle*
falcon sword
dragon fang*
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