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It's not that speed over +20 isn't worthwhile, it just becomes harder to balance against other bonuses. The reason why +20 is so significant is that with temporary haste up that gets you to +30, which means that no monster in the game (particularly Morgoth) can get two turns in a row on you. But from +28 onwards (if I recall correctly) speed starts having diminishing returns, that is it takes more than +1 speed to get any change in how fast you actually move. Gaining more speed is helpful...but if it comes at the expense of significant amounts of HP or damage or other important abilities, it's probably not worthwhile.

For example, if you go from +30 speed to +40 speed, you're actually only 10.5% faster. So if you're sacrificing less than 10% of your damage-dealing capability to get that extra 10% speed, it's worth going for speed. If you were trading 20% damage for 10% speed, or getting less of a speed bonus, then it might not be worth doing.
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