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Agree with what was said above: d5 and h4 both look suspect, and Bd3 is just bad, it wastes time and loses any hope White had of following up on h4 with a further kingside push.

(At the same time, I can understand the logic behind playing h4: if you are - or think you are - the better player, sometimes you just feel that urge to bash the other guy's face in, especially if the game is not that serious. I doubt White would play h4 in a tournament game against an opponent of equal strength.)

14.Ng5 was a missed tactical possibility that would have made White's position less bad. I'm a bit surprised that White never really tried to complicate, he just died a slow death through his positional weaknesses and missing pawn. Maybe he thought he could miracle-draw the endgame just by being the better player.

Nicely played game from you! I don't think there's any way to really punish your opening play, but any attempt would likely involve 5.e4 instead of 5.e3. I don't think 5.e3 is necessarily bad, but it's not a punish-someone's-opening-play move. (Of course, 5.e4 does transpose into more-played lines, so it's unlikely White can really punish you there either.)
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