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First Legit Win after 23 years!!

Hi All,

First legitimate winner!!! Sorry for the long post, I hardly say a word, but can't shut up when writing...

Long time lurker, 3rd time posting here. I started playing roguelikes with Larn, then Moria in 1993. I know I was playing Angband in Dec '93 as I posted this message in rgra looking for a 570K memory version of PCAngband. I started playing on an 8086 pc and it was SLOW. A friend on an LPMud acquired a bunch of 286/16k mobo's and sent me one. I was so excited to play Angband quicker. The problem tho, was that the mobo wouldn't fit in my case. Being a poor student at the time, I would have to spread out and hookup my computer on the bed every night to play Angband. It was still worth it to get away from that 8086. I still play the old roguelike vi keys after all this time.

Throughout the years, I've always came back to Angband to play for a few months. This last time, though, I decided to attempt winning the right way. As evidenced by my name "BJA LXXVI" it took quite a few tries and I believe I tried 99 times prior to that before I discovered the auto-increment roman numeral function.

I seemed to be ever searching for resists this game and still ended up with some gaps. I couldn't afford to lose the Con bonus to cover all resists. I was basically ready for Morgoth at level 45 after killing Sauron, but I ground out a few more consumables because I was running scared with my first attempt at Morgoth. My deciding factor was finding a 2nd bunch of Holy Might shots to go with my incredible Sling of Buckland. I found 3 of them in total this game. Cubragol came late unfortunately and I hardly got to carry it.

The final fight was pretty anti-climatic. I think I only used 6 *Healing*, 3 Healing, and 0 Life potions. My Staves of Magi held up wonderfully. I never used a potion of restore mana. The Holy Might Shots were good for about 50-60% of Morgoth's health after which I swtiched to Mana Storm and Rift. No Destruction, I was fortunate enough to spawn near a small vault with permanent walls which the battle occurred in and around of.

I have my 11 year old son playing Angband as well (save scumming his first game) and he watched both battles with Sauron and Morgoth. He was almost as excited as I. He was also a big help in keeping a 2nd set of eyes on my HP. He made sure to tell me when it was less than 600.

Thanks to Nick and the other current devs for taking up this game of ours and keeping it alive.

Now I guess I'm off to try Randarts!!
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