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Original Rogue ?

One of the things that was mentioned at the Rogue-like meet up was the assertion that the sources to the original Rogue game had mostly been lost, but that a copy had been retrieved from an old backup tape. But unfortunately the copy didn't work - it was generally believed to be a "development" copy, that was half-way between working versions. And that this version was available on SourceForge.

This was the first I'd heard about it. Since this sort of thing is pretty much what I do for a living, I thought I'd take a look, but I find that there are five different things on SourceForge that might be the thing I'm looking for. There are these projects:

rogue (lower case r)
Rogue (upper case R)
Rogue for OS X
The Roguelike Restoration Project
The Rogue Game

This last one seems to be the most promising, but I was wondering if anyone out there knew more about the particulars and could offer me some advice before I dive in?
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