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Thanks for the tips! I look forward to trying some of the new classes once my current character (almost inevitably) YASDs.

To be clear, I have yet to win with 4.2.3. My last win was 4.1.2 and I had a couple of older wins where I have lost the records.

Currently I have a dwarven warrior at level 50 puttering around the 60s looking for uniques to kill and vaults to plunder. Telepathy and the monster list in a term window is really useful for tracking down most of the uniques. Aglarang is a nice powerful weapon with which I have won the game before, so I am happy there. My AC is terrible mostly because I need to stick with Himring for rPoison. I lack rSound (like my previous char) so I am avoiding great wyrms of thunder and the like. I would like to reorganize, but my hands are a little tied.
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