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I take a few steps around a corner and dark hounds blind me. I retreat to my starting position and start killing ghouls as my sight returns. I get blinded and frightened so I _TS. Nearby I pick up !Berserk Potions and quaff an !enlightenment to make room. Far away in a special room in the upper right corner of the map is a !healing and three scrolls of ?Phase Door. That's about as exciting as finding another wand of TO as I only have 4 ?phases left.

I enter the 4 chambered rectangle room where the ?phase doors are and am ambushed by a black knight, ninja and balance drake. I do some damage to the people and _TS. I land favorably in the passageway that led me to the special room, giving me time to regenerate and take favorable position to finish off the ninja and black knight.

I return to the corridor leading to the special room and bolts strip half the balance drake's health. I finish him in melee without incident. A master thief steals one of my shrooms of fast recovery. I go to pick up the ?Phase doors and they're not there. I go to pick up the !healing and it's not there. The mater thief will have to die.

I put on an amulet of resist acid {??} and hope the curse isn't teleportation ban. I find the potion of healing is gone, too. A colbran comes at me from one of the chambers as I'm about to enter it. I try to teleport away and learn the curse of teleportation ban.... I drop the amulet and teleport away.

I return to where I start and there are ghouls and dark hounds and the master thief is quick as lightning: blinking, surrounding me in traps, and trying to steal stuff. I grab hold of my backpack and he teleports away again. I kill everything else and enter the starting room to be ambushed by fire ants on either side. I now have two scrolls of phase door. Fire ants are annoyingly smart and destructive, so I retreat and they do not follow.

I wander around the level waiting for the master thief and he is on me again and gone before I know what ambushed me. I casually slay some young white dragons when one of them breathes on me twice in a row and I'm down to about 50 health. I melee him, immediately realizing I needed to have healed or teleported, and also that it's not young, it's mature. He gnaws on me and I'm at 17 health. I guess I'll !heal. I finish him off without any problem and he drops 3 scrolls of 'tenenius' that I will read when I'm ready to leave the level. I come to the thief again in a lit room and bolts take care of him before he can lay his grubby hands on me. I grab two !Heroisms in the special room and head back to the three scrolls. They are ?darkness. I hit the stairs.

A paladin drops me two !Strength. I use up my two heroisms, one on a Banshee and another on a young white dragon. I find a ring of see invisible. and the level is boring so... stairs.

DL36 Level feeling 7-9 -- Due to the dangerousness of this level I try to give my precise location at all times, as it changes a lot. You can see an image of the full layout of the map towards the very bottom of this post

I start out near a vault. I map the area and come into a room where I meet a greater basilisk (DL45) so I TO him away. I fire bolts at a fire hound and Nexus hounds start coming towards me as a doombat envelops me in claws and flame. I kill him and start firing bolts at a nexus hound who breathes and scrambles me. I melee him but another breathes, teleporting me into the lower far corner of the map next to a bunch of inertia hounds.

I _TS and land about 20 squares northwest of the location the nexus hounds TO'd me from. They quickly find me again and breathe, TOing me to the exact same square they just TO'd me to. Again, the inertia hounds do not react to my sudden appearance. I _TS to a horizontal corridor at the bottom of the level, about 22 squares southwest of the bottom of the vault. I start moving towards the vault and Shagrat the Orc Captain comes for me at which point my stats return to normal. He drops The Pendant of Mentumand <+3, +4, +1> {??} <stealth/wisdom> <tunneling/searhing skill> <light>. It activates for satisfy hunger, freeing up an inventory slot.

Continuing towards the vault a Fire giant starts burning up my inventory, including a staff of teleportation and a precious ?Phase Door (I now have 4), and black orcs start coming in behind me, blocking my escape from the P, so I _TS into a room with some 'lesser humans' and mirkwood spiders about 75 squares northwest of the top of the vault. I kill a spectre and it drops a _Detect Evil.

I start to head towards the vault down a cool 'horn-shaped' passageway, but I'm pretty sure we are not in Gondor. I notice a nearby * and make a last second decision to take a short detour to it. It's a large iron chest. Yes! I disable its gas trap and find inside Augmented Chain mail of Elvenkind [42, +21] <+2> {??}. Large iron chests are pretty much as good as ?*Acquirement*.

I get back to the room where the nexus hounds are and I'm about to backpedal into the hallway above me to get out of their LoS but there is a trap there (I had inadvertently disabled it when I zapped a trap above it). So I try my luck at firing animal arrows at them. The first arrow sends the nexus hound fleeing in terror, the second one pierces the hound and it yelps in pain. It's not enough; I'm hit with another nexus breath and again I land in the inertia hound room and this time they breathe.

I'm still at 316hp [-10]. I _TS and I'm plopped 25 squares west of the entrance of the vault in a long horizontal corridor intersecting the center of the vault. I illuminate to my left: 1 warg far down the hallway. I lluminate right, nothing but a rune of dragonsong and I feel myself speed up again. I am feeling pretty lucky.

I magic map to reveal the long hallway to the left actually intersects with a room. I start moving toward the vault when I see Bert, the Stone Troll appear nine squares to my left at the entrance to the room. He has 1100HP and I do 126 to trolls and he doesn't resist poison. I really want to fight him, but it might be costly to my consumables. The alternative of TOing him is lousy, though, since I need to save my 4 remaining charges for things I absolutely cannot fight.

I fire poison bolts at him and take him to half health in melee and he takes me to 140hp. I ?phase into the room he came from. I quaff a !CSW and two !CCW and he is before me, ready for more melee. Just as a black orc starts to gnaw on my arm Bert dies with me at 137hp. I quaff two more !CCW in case Tom or Harry are lurking in the shadows. He drops an iron helm that increases my AC by [+6] to 120.

Just noticed that my strength is 18/209 and my DEX is 15. That is one wonky-lopsided set of combat stats. I head out of the room towards the vault again. I don't dare illuminate the room. I reach some rubble near the entrance to the vault and _Detect Evil. This is pretty darn manageable. I love how Tom and Harry are not in the same room as Bert. Healing up still wasn't a mistake, as I have no time to rest. I must keep moving.

Dang... where did all these critters come from? Gauth (already killed before this screen capture) drains a charge from my wand of TO, but learns me rDisenchant on my amulet.

I really don't want to ?phase but I'm not sure what else to do. The werebear has 325hp so I cannot fight it and the fire giant at the same time. I think I have to ?phase. What would Darakon do. I ?phase

The bat of Gorgoroth breathes poison. Your Augmented chainmail of Elvenkind glows! Aww yeah!! Woohoo!!! The best resist that I could have hoped for! ... and did hope for! And pretty sweet ?phase. Will duck into that hallway tyvm. It is on. It is on like Donkey Kong.

Aww, man! It goes even better than I hoped! The fire giants only destroy a single arrow and my AC is really holding up the defenses. The werebere crushes me, black orcs come at me from above and below, and still I kill everything in the hallway with 266hp remaining. I just realized I should eat a mushroom of second sight now. And I still have 3 shrooms of fast recovery I should eat. I eat two of them. If I survive this vault, I will be powerful enough to take on Tom and Harry. I eat a shroom of ESP and set movement delay to 22.

A young multihued dragon wakes up before the closer, ancient white dragon does. This vault has a pretty nifty layout. I move into a protected position:

Even with movement delay doubled to 22 I still fail to press the two arrow keys close enough together to attack diagonally, and instead move down. I'm at 256 health. I'm tempted to =Escape across to the lower passageway to the left. Or maybe I should scoot two squares South and 7 squares East? I don't know how much I need to worry about those nexus hounds breathing on me if I go left. I put on the ring of escaping and no one takes a turn. I set movement delay to 40.

I reach the mouth of the lower left passageway and the ancient white dragon wakes up. I am definitely in LoS of the nexus hounds now. I make it into the passageway. Wow, the AWD moves fast! He's already pushed passed everything and is ready for TO.

40 delay is unbearable and I set it to 15. I engage in melee around the bend of the passageway; the mithril golem is first in line and brings me to level 29. But Bill wakes up and soon has pushed passed everyone. I have to _TS.

I land in a new room filled with earth hounds and three sleeping stone giants just southwest of the 'horned-shaped' passageway. I slay the earthounds where they are as they try to surround me, though =Escaping to the hallway and into 'knight's move' may have been wiser. They take me to 171 health. I _Detect Evil and see that the Ancient White dragon and Greater Basilisk are in "good" positions. The Basilisk is in the furthest upper left corner of the map and the AWD is about 32 squares directly south in a long, isolated vertical corridor.

The stone giants cause me a good deal of concern. They knock off about 30hp per round. When I start on the last one I am close to 100hp. He misses 3 out of 4 swings and I'm very fortunate to finish the fight at 100hp. Things could have gone very differently.

He drops a ring of open wounds which I happily put on for the one time activation good for 40hp. I drop the ring and a nexus hound comes into view in the connecting passageway. I !quaff two !CSW and a !CCW to 302hp, which was excessive since I was still inside the room in Knight's move to the connecting passageway with arrows of slay animal which nearly kill both hounds, easily finished off in melee.

I start moving towards the vault again and decide to take on a mature red dragon in hopes it drops something useful. Bill shows up and I increase movement delay to 33 and, because I'm nervous, inadvertently tap left key too many times while clearing -more- prompts, tapping slow enough to move left... not what I wanted to do. Having done it I feel a _TS is in order... but also that my luck surely must be running thin. I consider my position and figure it is about 8 squares left of center of the map and realize this just may be advantageous: my hope is that if I _TS I will go to the far right end of the map, where the vault is, and not the left side of the map where the AWD and Greater Basilisk are.

Awwwww yeahhh. I land in a new room at the easternmost edge of the level! Who knows, maybe that misclick to the left saved my life. I take the short horse-shoe passageway leading out of the room to the top of the vault and come face to face with another nexus hound. I stab him with my spear and shoot him with an animal arrow and eat my last ESP shroom. I kill a couple more nexus hounds, some fire ants, 'lesser peeps'. I walk to the center of the vault and ... it is as I feared: I see a deep red book of Transformations. Can't say this isn't a bit disappointing, even if the LF had me more than half expecting it. But I thought there'd be something else here, to, to make me at least powerful enough to kill Bert and Tom once I cleared this vault.

I know I should leave the level now, but there are 6 * that I somehow feel may hold something worthwhile. What a terribly stupid thought. I leave the vault and take the nearby stairs. Except that I don't. I stood on the stairs, fully expecting to take them. But I decided I should scan the known object list for the level before exiting--you know, 'last looks', and I see a scroll of "ma cus colus" in the vault and go back and read it. And? So? Yes? What happens???
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.

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