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Back inside the vault, I read a scroll titled "ma cus colus", named such because it has the tendency to cause its unhappy reader to cus.

'You see no more scrolls of teleportation'.

Wonderful. Just marvelous.[/sarcasm] Wait, where am I, actually? Holy shit! This is actually, possibly, I shouldn't get too excited but... I am teleport to the room I wanted to go to when I had that 'terribly stupid thought'. Of all the places I could have been teleported, this surely is the best (unless, of course, something terrible is about to end me). Three squares to my right in a small room sleeps a young black dragon. I _detect evil: AWD is 21N, 6E. Also, all to my East, are a bodak, ninja, black knight, troll priest and a cutpurse. I ~map.

You fail to activate the Star <2X>
You hear a door burst open!
The Star shines brightly.

I start slaying the dragon. After the second round of melee I notice an Inertia hound in the entrance to the room. I cycle through the -more- prompts.

You hear a thrumming roar.
The inertia hound resists a lot.

The Inertia hound is already in the room, one empty square between me and it. (This has all happened in one turn).

I think the hound arrived after the first round of melee with the dragon and I didn't notice it. Or I noticed it but didn't heed it (it does camouflage nicely with the white granite). What happened to being careful? Getting excited is what. Interestingly, the Inertia Hound's breath completely missed me. I'm still at normal speed and full health. The dragon is already at half health.

Oh, what to do! I know what I *should* do. But I'm here! And I actually did want to come to this part of the map just moments ago. It's as if the scroll read my mind.

The stairs are 7N, 41E and I'm pretty sure west enough of a certain troll that I could make it to them unharassed if I decide to get out of my current predicament without self teleporting.

I just realized I am an idiot. I could have avoided this quandry I'm in, or at least improved my situation. I could have had my cake and eaten it too. Look at the first image. You can see in the lower left corner that I've been in that corner from the mapping dots; and more than twice. That is where the inertia hounds came from just now. Man, I should have noticed this. I should have made careful note of the inertia hounds' precise location when I was first teleported to that room, the way I made note of the Greater Basilisk and AWD. Why didn't I?

I should have bee lined to knight's move on the entrance to the room, and should have done so in a Northeast diagonal movement, as another exit to the room is more likely to be on the right side of the room than the left since we are so far west in the level. That would have been some savvy play. I would have seen the door in the room, and, provided it isn't locked, made a safe escape! Man, what's the point of having extra light range if I'm not going to take advantage of it? /sigh

Still, though, the layout of the map is such that I could still be surrounded on both ends by the hounds if I escaped the room through the door. Honestly, I'm tempted to ?phase, although the original inertia hound room is the most likely place to land.

I do have 17 slay animal arrows good for 70 damage. The Inertia hounds have 193 health. They move at normal speed so being slowed is like them moving quickly. They can breathe one in 5 times and who knows how many there are. Their breaths deal (32) damage on average. Soo..., if I'm in line of sight of five of them, I will be taking, on average per turn while slowed, 64 damage, but could be *much* higher or much lower.

I just noticed another small but crucial detail: the door at 3N, 5E is open. Although why is it open and not broken like the door at 11N, 15E? Shoot, I forgot to take a screenshot of the evil monsters' locations. There's enough factors working against e here that my only sane recourse is to teleport.

'You have 3 charges remaining.'

Now, to take my bloody time assessing my surroundings before taking an action! Yeesh! Firstly, I see no monsters and the stairs I was going to take before deciding to go back and read a certain scroll are 5S, 3W of my location, but would take me 23 turns to reach them. I'm in a small room I haven't been to yet, but only recently I was 7S,5E of my current position, so I'm most likely safe at this point.

I'm still tempted to take a southernly-most course west back towards the 'terribly stupid thought' items. I hate that I am not going to know what items are over there. I don't know why I'm hung up on them, but that's what happens when I spend too much time on a level. I start getting attached to it, especially to the slightestly remotestly interesting looking parts.

I zap for treasures, I hear a door burst open! I fail to illuminate the room. I illuminate the room, I head for the stairs. I hear a door burst open. I hear something slam against a door three times and I'm now 7 paces from the stairs. Something fiddles with a lock. I reach the stairs.

DL37 Omens of death haunt this place
Crap, my star is charging. Guess I'll burn a charge of detect evil. Very amenable is the image that forms in my mind: tons of trolls scattered about the region and 3 mature dragons, all different, and 1 young MH'd dragon loosely in a group, and a lone stone giant. I'm in a North/South facing hallway with a bend to the East 3 steps South. I head south and 14 steps east down a corridor I slay the dragons. Wow, something other than money drops for once! I pick up a scroll of 'reo parum'.

Cool dragon lair...

Gah, water hounds destroy my staff of cure light wounds (10 charges). I have just about the entire left half of the level mapped and no vault.

Slogging through a bunch of trolls takes me to level 30, signaling a warrior who has come into his own, even if he cannot kill much more than trolls. (At this level I gain protection from fear). 8 treasure feeling for the level.

--live updates will resume today after 3pm New York time--

I now have 70% of the level mapped and still no sign of a vault. Further west, trolls, orcs, ogres and champions. I decide to raid some of these caverns of squishable foes as it may be profitable. The first cavern drops me an ochre potion that, while not actually a potion of dexterity, effectively is, because a half-troll can only be so stupid.

The second cavern yields 4 shrooms of second sight. Finally, treasure detection picks up the eastern most edge of North/South running greater vault, shaped like a giant ship, on the westernmost edge of the map. Too bad I only have one charge left on my wand of TO.

There's absolutely 5 things here I do not want to fight, the tamest of which is an AMHD, and at least 6 things I don't want to fight, but might risk fighting for a good reward. The GWoChaos is the only one I must avoid LoS of.

Detailed account of my Ironman win here.

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