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I strongly disagree about throwing--one of my goals is to try to fix the mechanic so you can have critical hits when throwing (like melee/ranged) and also so that the breakage rules make more sense. I actually think fixing potions to effect monsters when thrown, and changing throwing damage calculations are a way to add depth to the game.
d_m does this mean quivers in V will eventually be able to hold throwable items, such as the 'thancs etc?

I tend to prefer the player's power to derive in largest extent from equipment, as that reduces the incentive to grind for power.
Agreed. This is currently true for melee characters but not true for casters. A warrior finding =damage(+10) at DL30 likely has his damage output increased by 25-30%. Casters have no corresponding ring, and spell damage is directly tied to CL.

Melee should have better DPS (a.k.a. damage per [s]second[/s]turn) than spells, but spells offer massively more flexibility as well as the ability to avoid melee range.
I agree this is how things currently are but I'm not sure that this is ideal. In other games mages are more "glass cannons", capable of dealing large amounts of damage but being somewhat worthless in longer fights. Would doubling mana cost and damage output of damage spells be interesting? I don't know, but I have no desire to ever play a mage with their current setup.
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