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Originally Posted by GrimaTheBold View Post
I'm curious, are equally skilled players more likely to win in the normal game or in Coffee-Break? I can see reasons for believing either:
  • Coffee-Break should be easier due to faster advancement and inability to scum - the shorter the game is, the less chance of horrible bad luck or attention lapse. Boredom and overconfidence are killers and there should be less of that in a Coffee-Break game
  • Coffee-Break should be harder because you are forced to constantly descend. If you feel underpowered for your depth you have no ability to hang around a while at that depth and catch up, or move to an easier dungeon for a while
I think both of these are arguments are true, and which one wins out depends on the combo. For a class like berserker, coffee-break is easier because there's less chance of catching an unlucky summonstorm; and probably it's also somewhat easier for most other melee-type classes, who always have good HP and tend to die to device fails or unlucky double-breaths or inattention/other player errors. But for a squishy or grinding-happy class, coffee-break can be harder because that death zone around CL 30-35 hits you extra-hard; you need to either take the fights you'd otherwise postpone or keep heading down into even deadlier levels, and if you can't take the monsters down you miss out on the loot and XP.
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